XIKE provides stainless steel kitchen equipments and engineering service to hotels,restaurants,enterprises or institutions. XIKE was founded in year 2000 as a result of ownership restructuring of the former Shanghai Si Xing Yong Ming kitchen equipment company, a joint venture setup in 1994 between Shanghai 704 Research Institute and Hong Kong Si Xing Yong Min…

Sink Unit

Planetary Mixer

Vegetable Cutter

Potato Peeling Machine

Meat Mincers

Vegetable Slicer-Shredder…

Gravity Slicing Machine

Ice Makers

Ice Cream Freezer

Drink Dispensers

Coffee Urns

Coffee Grinder

Espresso Machines

Coffee Brewers

Conveyor Toaster

Waffle Iron

Upright Freezer

Upright Refrigerator

Working Table

Convection Oven

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